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Jan 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >> after shaming and even suing his accusers lance armstrong comes clean, where the lies end and the truth begins. - that stu >> last thing she said to me was i love you. >> he was inspired by a stanford student who died of cancer, only that student was a hoax. the tangled web of lies surrounding a college football star and a fake cardinal. woman who had to f >> reporter: can you explain what happened? >> and then there is the san jose woman who fought off a kidnapper to protect her 2-year- old daughter. only that never happened either. so what happens when you lie to police? good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. >>> after years of denying it he finally admitted to the dirty truth. tonight during an interview with oprah lance armstrong said he cheated to gain the upper hand to win seven tour de france titles. cbs5 reporter juliette goodrich watched the interview and tells us how armstrong justified years of cheating to himself. juliette? >> ken, part one tonight, it was a 90 minute interview. the conditions of the interview, that there were no conditions. right out the gat
Jan 18, 2013 10:00pm PST
-fighting handyman is charged with murder. >> and what comes next for lance armstrong? >> cameras were there this afternoon when 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree almost missed the team bus heading for the airport. tonight we know there is far more serious drama surrounding him: an accusation of sexual assault. julia is at the hall of justice in the city tonight. >> reporter: tonight, san francisco police are investigating the sexual assault allegation involving 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree. as of tonight, cbs 5 has learned he is in atlanta right now with his team. >> reporter: san franciscos me say the alleged -- san francisco police say the alleged assault involving michael crabtree occurred in a san francisco hotel room last sunday morning after the 49ers' playoff victory over the packers. today, he was practicing with the team in santa clara. our cameras caught him literally running late to board the bus as it was on route to the airport and then onto atlanta. the police department said "michael crabtree has been interviewed with his lawyer present and has cooperated in
Jan 14, 2013 10:00pm PST
after years of multi billion dollar budgets,. >>> after years of fighting doping allegations lance armstrong is coming clean the cycling legend sat down with oprah for an interview this afternoon at his >>> a homeland security warning for your computer. julie watts with the security flaw that could leave you exposed. >> i don't know if it is unprecedented but it is rarely done. >> reporter: he is talking about the homeland security warn ing to disable java software on your computer. hackers are exploiting vulnerables allowing you to be tricked into logging into fake bank siteusing your computer to attack other sites. or call has released a patch but security experts says the not good enough. >> this is one of the ongoing tensions with java it is very old as patches are released and they do plug certain holes others may not get addressed. >> reporter: java allows programmers to write away from stanford. but cbs reporter sharon chin shows : he's already cooked up a pry clever plan to pay for it. 13 year old tucker f s up at or remove programs. you can download a security patch from o
Jan 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
one gun out of the home might save a child's life. >>> lance armstrong could face some serious legal problems for coming clean about doping. in an interview with oprah, he talks candidly about what is said to be his use of performance enhancing drugs. interstate has not aired yet, but already experts say his confession could land him some counter lawsuits from people that armstrong has taken to court gerring his integrity -- for questioning his integrity. >> he is in a position where he needs to do what they are telling him to do. he needs to dance to their tune. >> the interview with oprah is set to air on her own network thursday night. >>> san francisco international airport could be getting a new name. the supervisor introduced a proposal to rename it after murdered supervisor, harvey milk. supporters of the plan say renaming the airport would be a symbol of home and freedom for gays and lesbians all over the world. >>> i answer the phone, i get paid. >> there is another trend that is growing for students: getting a sugar daddy. >> a simple change of perspective. using the world
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4